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Water Containment System

Preserving Water for Future Generations:

Water Retention Works that Withstand the Test of Time


High Density Polyethylene is the membrane of choice for long-lasting water retention and irrigation works. Generally less complex than other types of geotechnical works, retention, irrigation, and rainwater protection works still require Geomembranes that must meet specific criteria.

Continually exposed, in whole or in part, to the sun, the Polyethylene Geomembrane must be capable of withstanding ultraviolet rays. Installed in conditions that can be made more different by wind, dust, harsh, nature, rough, uneven or unstable terrain, the Geomembrane must withstand potential perforation and retain, over the long term, the beneficial properties for which it was selected.


Water Reservoir Typical Cross-Section

Our Solutions:

Based on prevailing local standards and the technical requirements of engineers, specifications for water retention and rainwater protection projects, AEC suggests the use of smooth or textured High Density (HDPE) Geomembranes in thicknesses of 1.0mm to 1.5mm.


The following lists a few references in the Middle East :

  • JORDAN: Ajloun Rainwater Collection Pond, (15,000m/HDPE 1.5mm).

  • QATAR: Al-Rayyan Water Reservoir, (10,000m/HDPE 1.5mm).



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