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Geosynthetic Liner Materials


Geosynthetic Definition:

The term "Geosynthetic" refers to all synthetic materials designed to improve the soil's physical, mechanical or hydraulic properties.

Geosynthetics Liner Materials






Geosynthetic Clay Liner


Geotextiles: Are textiles consist of synthetics fibers made into a flexible and porous by standard weaving machinery, or matted together in a random, or non-woven manner.

There are at least 80 specific applications area for Geotextile; earth dames bituminous pavements, landfills and stabilization for soils and rocks.

Geotextile uses: However, the fabric always performs at least one of five discrete functions:

  1. Separation of dissimilar materials.

  2. Reinforcement of weak soils and other materials.

  3. Filtration (cross-plane flow).

  4. Drainage (in-plane flow).

  5. Moisture barrier (when impregnated).

Geogrids: Are plastic formed into a very open grid like configuration, either stretched in one, or two directions for improved physical properties, or made on weaving machinery by unique methods.

The Geogrids are relatively high-strength, high modulus, low-creep-sensitive, polymers with apertures varying from 1 to 10 cm in size. These holes are either elongated ellipses, near squares with rounded corners, squares or rectangles. 

Geogrids uses: By themselves there are at least 25 application areas, they function almost exclusively as reinforcements materials. They are used for the following applications:

  1. Beneath aggregate, ballast and surcharge fills.

  2. Reinforcement of embankment fills and earth dams.

  3. As gabions.

  4. Construction of mattresses over soft soils and  peat.

  5. As sheet anchors for retaining-wall facing panels.

  6. To reinforcement pavements and concrete works.

  7. As inserts between Geotextiles and/or Geomembranes.

  8. To reinforce landfills to allow for vertical and lateral expansions.

  9. To stabilize leachate collection stone and landfill cover soil.

  10. As three-dimensional mattresses for landfill bearing capacity and embankments over soft soils.


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